• The Mountain Throne

    War and faith. Witchcraft and enigmas. Lies and conspiracy. These are the themes of “The Mountain Throne,” a novel with something for all fantasy readers. Follow the struggles and discoveries of Darius, holy warrior, Drake, bastard prince and witch, and Leasha, courtier and spy, as the world of Urrael enters the Sindathi Twilight. Click to purchase on Amazon!

    The Mountain Throne
  • Bid For Power

    See plots and intrigues from "The Mountain Throne" come alive on your tabletop. Lead one of six factions in the capital city of Arleon as you bribe, battle, murder, and betray your way to placing your puppet onto the Imperial throne. Bid For Power is currently in closed Beta testing.

    Bid For Power
  • The Dark Brother

    The second book of the Sindathi Twilight Trilogy expands the story to Thalia, a dark city ruled by a cruel cabal of sorcerers, and to Deckwell, an ancient seat of humanity inhabited by the caste-bound Garreth but dominated by Sindathi invaders and their arrogant thief-princess.

    The Dark Brother

The Mountain Throne

"Author A.M. Sterling has done a solid job of creating this fully realized fantasy world... [E]ven non-fantasy fans may find themselves fully immersed in these characters and their lives, thanks to a good balance of dialogue, description, and narrative..." - Writer's Digest

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"[S]cenes like the battle between Drake and the gigantic, hammer-wielding Vendigon... bring the adventure a feverish, anything-can-happen vibe. [But m]ost riveting is Sterling's portrayal of faith." - Kirkus Reviews

Book I of the Sindathi Twilight Trilogy: The Mountain Throne is available now in paperback, order through Amazon for print or Kindle editions.

Reviews Are In!

"Sterling’s lushly realized novel should scratch the itch for those awaiting more material from Game of Thrones mastermind George R.R. Martin...  This striking tale whips up a fresh storm in familiar fantasy territory." - Kirkus Review

"Virtue matters most when it is surrounded by evil and vice. Candles shine brightest when they burn alone in the dark. Welcome to that dark."

Now available in paperback... see what they're saying about The Mountain Throne "Most riveting is Sterling’s portrayal of faith." - Kirkus Review "Oh my, this was a good find. " - Amazon Review "Be warned there is enough lust and brutality to raise the eyebrows of even the most jaded GRRM reader but the author keeps it pertinent to the story and, while graphic, it is not simply thrown in for cheap thrills." - Amazon Review
  • If Sindathi Twilight Was On HBO

    In 2017 as The Mountain Throne came into print, a composer of music for television and film created this “opening credits” entry for a contest, based on the question: What if The Sindathi Twilight Trilogy became a television series? The video to the right is the answer as envisioned by composer Michelle Moore.

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